About MPM Oils


MPM International Oil Company

MPM International Oil Company is one of the leading suppliers of lubricants in the Netherlands and is establishing its position on the international market.

MPM has a complete product range that consists of over 350 different lubricants, all produced to the highest level of quality. With our product range, 99% of worldwide car fleets can be maintained. Our lubricants are composed entirely in accordance with car manufacturers' mandatory specifications. The automotive market is constantly changing and updating with new technologies and legislation. This gives us, at MPM, opportunities.

Therefore we are continuously looking for new products and ways to improve our service, and together with our distribution our aim is to move things forward.

MPM International Oil Company is fully owned by the two founders of the company.

The headquarters of the company and the 12.500 square meter plant is located in Delft, The Netherlands. From here, the sales, marketing and distribution of the MPM product range is centrally coordinated, and provides us the necessary supply chain options to meet any demand in the market.

Corporate mission
We are in the business of delivering the required lubricants for the automotive market, focusing on lubricants as parts; not as commodities.

Corporate vision
The need for high quality lubricants is growing due to the increased complexity in engine technology. MPM therefore provides lubricants with specific OEM–specifications to the market.

Rev Solutions are the appointed sole distributor of MPM Oil in Singapore.

For more information about MPM Company & Products, please visit their website MPM International Oil Company